The Babadook Exclusive Scary Phone Call Clip

Ever since 1974’s video nasty ‘Black Christmas’ invented the “the scary call coming from within the house” trope, picking up a phone in horror films has become a risky task.

This exclusive new clip from hotly-tipped Aussie horror ‘The Babadook’ is no exception, watch it in full above.

The clip shows Essie Davis as Amelia, the harried mother of Samuel, a troubled young boy whose father died the same day he was born in a tragic car accident. As Samuel’s seventh birthday approaches, the mother and son become haunted by a strange presence, after a mystery book “The Babadook” turns up in their home.

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Amelia is at her wits end when Samuel is kicked out of school, and her own sister Claire won’t help, as you can see in the clip. As for the second phone call… guess who’s on the other end?

The Babadook UK Quad
The Babadook UK Quad

The film by first-time director Jennifer debuted to widespread critical acclaim at Sundance Festival earlier this year, earning rave reviews from critics. It’s an atmospheric chiller that relies on psychological dread rather than cheap shocks, and it’s unlike any other horror you’ll see this year.

’The Babadook’ is coming to UK cinemas on 24 October, just in time for Halloween.

Watch the terrifying first trailer below.

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