When will The Batman Part II be released?

Robert Pattinson is preparing to redon the cowl for the DC sequel

The Batman is coming to cinemas in 2022 (Warner Bros.)
The Batman Part II is coming to cinemas in late 2025. (Warner Bros.)

With the primary DC cinematic universe poised and ready for a reboot, it can be easy to forget that there’s a new, stand-alone Dark Knight sequel currently in the works too, with The Batman Part II.

Robert Pattinson first wore Bruce Wayne’s iconic cowl in 2022 for director Matt Reeves in a story that was dark, gritty and a tad emo and saw his Batman face off against Paul Dano’s Riddler. The same movie gave us a brand fresh take on the Penguin courtesy of an unrecognizable and make-up-covered Colin Farrell and a new Catwoman in the form of Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle.

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Stark and weighty, The Batman offered DC the chance to tell a fresh story with Gotham’s famed detective in a universe known as DC Elseworlds which stands alone from their main cinematic universe building.

Future chaos was teased during the film’s final moments in the form of Barry Keoghan’s disfigured Joker and Farrell’s crime kingpin Oswald Cobblepot is soon set to return in his own spin-off series which is also rumoured to include an appearance from Pattinson’s horned alter-ego.

So far so good… but what about a direct sequel to the movie that started it all? Here’s everything we know about The Batman Part II, including its release date, cast, plot and latest developments.

When will The Batman Part II be released?

Jeffrey Wright says The Batman will take a look at crime and corruption in modern cities (Image by Warner Bros)
Pattinson will return for The Batman Part II. (Warner Bros)

The Batman Part II has been delayed by a year. The film was originally set to be released in US cinemas on Friday, 3 October 2025 but it will now come out on 2 October 2026.

A UK release date for The Batman Part II is unconfirmed but it’s a safe bet that the movie will hit Blighy cinemas at roughly the same time unless the project hits any delays. With so much currently going on within DC’s cinematic slate, this is more likely than you might think - so don’t be too surprised if this October 2025 release date shifts a bit between now and next year.

As previously mentioned, The Batman Part II will sit under DC’s Elseworlds banner which stands apart from the new DC cinematic universe that Gunn and Safran are currently building, starting with next year’s Superman: Legacy.

Other films that join The Batman Part II in its DC Elseworlds pigeonhole include Joaquin Phoenix’s Clown Prince of Crime sequel Joker: Folie à Deux which is directed by Todd Phillips and co-stars Lady Ga Ga.

Is there a trailer for The Batman Part II?

There’s currently no trailer available for The Batman Part II. It must be still waiting in the shadows, biding its time and preparing to strike at the most opportune moment.

What is the plot of The Batman Part II?

The Batman (Warner Bros.)
Plot details for The Batman Part II are scarce. (Warner Bros.)

When The Batman Part II was officially given the go-ahead in January 2023, little was known about its plot setting or villains… and that has largely stayed the same.

We do know that Reeves is once again returning to direct the movie and work on its script, with Pattinson back in the Batsuit. In spring 2023, rumours suggested that the film could go into production at Leavsden Studios in the UK in November but that didn’t end up happening.

During a chat with Discussing Film in February 2024, The Batman’s Commissioner Jim Gordon AKA actor Jeffrey Wright said that he was still yet to see a script. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to read and dive back into it, but I know as much as you know about it at the moment,” he told the outlet. “We’ll get there!"

Jeffrey Wright plays Jim Gordon alongside Robert Pattinson's title character in 'The Batman'. (Jonathan Olley/DC Comics/Warner Bros)
Jeffrey Wright plays Jim Gordon alongside Robert Pattinson's title character in 'The Batman'. (Jonathan Olley/DC Comics/Warner Bros)

We do know that Pattinson’s Batman is rumoured to make an appearance in Farrell’s Penguin series although whether or not this will impact the story arc of The Batman Part II remains to be seen.

When we last left R-Batz, he'd managed to put a stop to the Riddler's plans but not without leaving Gotham flooded and damaged, providing the perfect opportunity for a few new villains to rise up from the wreckage.

Who is in The Batman Part II cast?

The Batman is coming to cinemas in 2022 (Warner Bros.)
Robert Pattinson is the only confirmed castmember for The Batman Part II. (Warner Bros.)

Pattinson will return as the Caped Crusader in The Batman Part II but so far, he’s the only cast member confirmed for the sequel.

He’ll likely be joined by Wright’s Commissioner Gordon, with the star recently suggesting that he’d like to see the next Batman movie delve a little deeper into his mysterious private life.

“I wondered about his private life and I wonder about people who have the level of responsibility that he has, having that public face of rectitude and goodness. I wonder what lies underneath Commissioner Gordon because the Batman wears his cowl but, in some ways, Gordon wears a mask too,” he told Discussing Film.

“Gordon represents justice in a way through his type of righteousness, not sanctimony, and I wonder what might lie behind that mask with the sacrifices that he may have to consider because he gives so much to this public persona and his civic duty. What’s the bearing of all that on him, underneath his mask? Those are questions that might be interesting to pursue, but we’ll see.”

Colin Farrell spent several hours in the make-up chair to play Penguin in 'The Batman'. (Jamie Hawkesworth/DC Comics/Warner Bros)
Colin Farrell spent several hours in the make-up chair to play Penguin in 'The Batman'. (Jamie Hawkesworth/DC Comics/Warner Bros)

While it remains to be confirmed, it’s also likely that The Batman Part II could see the return of Farrell’s Penguin, Keoghan’s Joker, Kravitz Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Andy Serkis’s Alfred Pennyworth. Dano’s Riddler is still locked up in Arkham Asylum but he could also make an appearance.

The Batman Part II will be released on Friday, 2 October 2026.