The Batmobile Pushchair Your Child Deserves

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If your child thinks they’re the hero that Gotham deserves, then this pimped out pushchair from the amazing folks behind webseries ‘Super-Fan Builds’ is the stroller they’ll need right now.

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Prop designer Tim Baker built the pushchair - based on the “Tumbler” Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ films - from scratch for Batman superfans Maressa and Josh Earl and their son Collin.

Batman Stroller
Batman Stroller

It's designed around a child’s carseat for extra safety, has a bespoke steel frame and is covered with computer-designed PVC foam panels. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come equipped with rockets or guns in case you get a case of pushchair rage when you’re at the supermarket.

It’s not clear how much it would cost to build your own Batmobile pushchair, but as you can tell from Collin’s happy little face, it’d cost A LOT to prise it out of this little Batman’s hands.

Batman Stroller
Batman Stroller

Watch the full video on YouTube here.

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Image credits: Super-Fan Builds