The Best Movie-Based April Fool’s Pranks of 2015

As soon as you wake up on April 1st you have to be wary of pranks. Unfortunately for film fans who thrive on spurious rumours and speculation, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Here’s a selection of the best film-based pranks we’ve seen so far today.

Den Of Geek’s New Monthly Magazine

Deciding to start their prank early, the writers at movie blog Den of Geek fooled the public with news of its new magazine dedicated to Jason Statham.


‘Statham User’ promised to include key information, puzzles and gossip about the star, the ultimate element of the magazine was the chance to win a Jason Statham clock in each issue.

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Unfortunately fans were able to spot the joke from early on, but the cover will live on for a long time.

Haverfordwest’s Christian Bale Statue

‘Batman’ star Christian Bale’s hometown Haverfordwest announced this morning that they would be placing a statue of Batman in the town centre in honour of the actor and his roots.


Standing at 12ft and costing the town £142,015, the Milford Mercury who reported the story exclusively, claimed that the star was ‘delighted’ with the idea and couldn’t wait to see the gold statue with his blowing cape upon its completion.

However he nearly had to fight off competition as Local ward councillor Wayne Broose, said: “The choice was between Batman or Suggs who went to Tasker Milward School, so it wasn’t a difficult decision, despite my love of the classic Madness hit Baggy Trousers.”

This could have been the clue which tipped the public off, as there are currently no plans for this to be made.

New Wes Anderson Film ‘Revealed’

As the world of film started to awake movie magazine Little White Lies unveiled the latest title of Wes Anderson’s next film on Twitter.

Called ‘Honeymoon in Hiroshima’ and starring Fred Ward, fans were not falling for this prank though, as the new still that came with it highlighted the truth behind it. 

Gerard Butler Lands a Job In MI6

Promoting the up and coming film ‘London Has Fallen’, Lionsgate UK took to Twitter to create their own April Fools’ joke, by announcing how Gerard Butler’s training had caused him to be offered a new job. 

In which he would be working for MI6 in the future. However it is unlikely that Lionsgate would have unveiled such an important role and it seems like Butler will be sticking to acting for the foreseeable future. 

The Force Is Real

Probably the most ambitious prank was the news in which the Force - the mystical power at the heart of ‘Star Wars’ - had been discovered by science.


CERN researchers decided to prank the public with a detailed piece on how the force was real. “Very impressive, this result is,” said a diminutive green spokesperson for the laboratory.

The spoof article also took at a pop at the prequels, saying: “Right now, to be honest, I don’t really care how it works. The theory department have some crackpot idea about life forms called midi-chlorians, but frankly I think that poorly thought out explanations like that just detract from how cool the Force really is.”

Well played CERN, the Force is strong with this gag.

Forget Fast & Furious 7, There’s A New Film In Town

Probably the biggest April Fools’ Day prank today has been the crossover trailer from IGN, that placed the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise within another, with Vin Diesel making an appearance in ‘Back To The Future’.

Introducing ‘Fast to the Future’, the news of this trailer made social media platforms excited about one of the best played pranks of the day.

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Image credits: CERN/Den of Geek/Twitter/Milford Mercury

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