The most embarrassing movie star official websites

Orlando Parfitt
Yahoo UK Movies Features

Sadly, the official celebrity website has gone out of fashion in recent years, with Facebook and especially Twitter the preferred route for stars to reach out to their fans.

Thankfully though, not every movie star has discovered social networking yet, and there are still some official sites lurking in the ether that pay tribute to a mixture of self-delusion and occasionally less-than-professional web design skills. For example…

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Stephen Baldwin -

The top of his website (or ‘Stephen Baldwin 2.0’ as it’s called in search results) features a giant photo of the lesser-known Baldwin brother next to a chrome logo for ‘XtreMEDIA Corp. It sounds like a futuristic ‘adult’ DVD publisher but actually it’s a TV/movie/conservative radio/online media empire.

According to the ‘About Me' section, Stephen ‘takes care of business on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’’, and is ‘a multimedia mogul with a vast fan base’.

The best bit:
This photo from the gallery.

Chuck Norris -

How disappointing would it have been if Norris’ official site was slick and up to date? Prepare to be delighted, as the landing page for everyone’s favourite ‘tached martial artist is as lovably retro (i.e. utterly rubbish) as you’d expect.

The site design is lifted from the mid-90s but certain sections, including the intriguingly named ‘The Chuck Norris Seal of Approval’, are still at the ‘coming soon’ stage.

The best bit:
The shopping section, where you can buy a limited edition ‘Chuck Norris Tribute Revolver’.

William Shatner -

More gif-heavy shenanigans here from the former Captain Kirk, whose site is more lo-fi than the set of the original USS enterprise.

It seems Shatner himself  stopped updating his personal blog ‘Bill’s Space’ last September, but that hasn’t stopped him flogging a bewildering array of pricey tat, from tricorder replicas to the actual autographed dressing room sign from his appearance on ‘Conan’s tonight show’. A snip at £439.97 ($