The BFG: Everything We Know So Far


The first trailer for ‘The BFG’ made its début last week, as the sneak peek got everyone’s excitement levels ramped up, but what do we know about the adaptation?

The trailer looks fantastical and, near the beginning, has a very ‘Harry Potter’ feel to it, with its British sensibility and haunting, magical aesthetic.

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Who’s making it?

Disney are behind this live-action venture, alongside Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. He’s directing the late Melissa Mathison’s (’E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial’).screenplay, who sadly passed away in November.

Who’s in it?

There’s an all-star cast leading this adaptation, with Rebecca Hall (’Iron Man 3′) as Mary, Mark Rylance (’Bridge of Spies’) as the BFG, Bill Hader (’Inside Out’) as a giant and Jermaine Clement (’Flight of the Conchords’) accompanying newcomer Ruby Barnhill as the film’s young lead, Sophie.


How’s it different?

Still closely adapted from the Roald Dahl classic kids book, the story is about Sophie, a young girl who is taken away from her orphanage home by a Big Friendly Giant who refuses to conform to typical giant behaviour by eating boys and girls.

The BFG’s job is to collect and deliver pleasant dreams to the children of the world, but his kindness is thwarted by the bad giants who want to munch on the ones he is trying to help.

This is the first ever live-action version of the story, with ITV having aired a charming and beloved TV movie in 1989, with David Jason providing the voice for the likeable BFG.


When can we expect to see it?

‘The BFG’ is set for a massive summer release, with a UK date of 22 July, 2016, and 1 July, 2016 in the US.

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Picture credits: Cosgrove Hall Films, Disney, eOne Entertainment

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