The Business Cards Jonah Hill Is Handing Instead of Autographs Are Hilarious


Good work, sir. Good work.

Jonah Hill, perhaps in a bid to reduce his workload, is now handing out business cards instead of autographs.

And hats off to the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star, they’re pretty funny.

They read: “I just met Jonah Hill… it was a total letdown.”


This particular card was handed to Nasser Ghaffar, of Brooklyn, New York, who, according to Storyful, met Hill on the street in Manhattan.

He writes: “So I was taking the F train from Manhattan and got off at Broadway and Lafayete… I was walking up Mott Street, I had my headphones in and I stopped in the middle of walking towards the optic (on brome street) and I took an ear bud cause the music was too loud.

“And I heard this laugh that sounded so familiar I turn to my right and there was Jonah Hill just standing there.

“The laugh sounded familiar cause I’ve probably watched everything he’s in. Anyways I turn to him and realize I have to ask or I’ll regret not asking him and I said 'oh s**t are you Jonah Hill’ and he said 'yea bro how are you’ and gave me a knuckle pound.

“Then I told him how I’m a huge fan and if I could possibly get a picture and he said 'Na not right now but I have this for you’ and grabbed the card from his pocket and when he handed to me and I read it he started laughing hysterically.

“And I thought it was hilarious and I told him and said thanks and he said take care.”

Hill takes up the slack left by Steve Martin, who used to provide a similar card to fans asking for his John Hancock.


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Image credits: Facebook/Tumblr