The Cast of ‘Batman v Superman’ Try Out the Batman Voice

Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, and Henry Cavill were on The Graham Norton Show promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when the subject of Batman’s modulated voice came up. In the film, Affleck opted to use a filter for his voice as opposed to changing it himself. “We posited that he was a famous billionaire, so that people would recognize his real voice,” Affleck told Norton. “So within the cowl, there’s an electronic device that changes Batman’s voice.”

Norton had a special microphone on hand that modulated their voices on the spot. First up was, well, the guy who played Bruce Wayne. “I’d like a large pizza, pepperoni,” Affleck joked in a lowered tone, “two Pepsis.” Amy Adams gave it a go next, and said, “Do you bleed?” The titular line from the film arguably sounded better with Adams. Cavill went last, stating simply, “I’m Batman, and I’m in love with Superman.”

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