The Chinese Name For Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Amazing


It’s OK, everyone can stop looking now – the finest translated name for a movie in the history of the movie industry has been found.

Presenting the Chinese name for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, then…

It’s…… ‘Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team’.

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Yes, it’s a bit on the literal side, but as descriptions go, there’s likely to be no confusion in the foyer at the multiplex.

Director James Gunn let fans know the new – and let’s face it, better – name for his movie on Twitter.


But some fans, mainly on Reddit, have called into question the full accuracy of the translation.

Some are saying that ‘星際異攻隊’ is the Taiwanese and not the Chinese title, while others have said that the literal translation is more like ‘Interstellar Special Ability Team’ (excellent) or ‘Interstellar Different Commandos’ (possibly even better).

It is, of course, far from the first time that translated movie names have turned out hilarious.

Listed below are our top 10 favourites, all of which are far better than the originals:

'The Full Monty' – 'Six Naked Pigs' (China)

'Airplane' – 'The Unbelievable Trip In A Wacky Aeroplane' (Germany)

'The Dark Knight' – 'Knight of the Night' (Spain)

'Leaving Las Vegas' – 'I'm Drunk And You're A Prostitute' (Japan)

'Boogie Nights' – 'His Powerful Device Makes Him Famous' (China)

'The Pacifier' – 'A Supertough Kangaroo' (Spain)

'Grease' – 'Vaseline' (Argentina)

'As Good As It Gets' – 'Mr Cat Poop' (China)

'The Waterboy' – 'Dimwit Surges Forth' (Thailand)

'The Producers' – 'Please Do Not Touch The Old Women' (Italy)

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Image credit: Marvel/Twitter