The Expendables 3 World Premiere Highlights (Exclusive)

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes, Antonia Banderas and Kellan Lutz took London by storm on Monday night as the aged action stars rocked up for the World Premiere of The Expendables 3.

Joined by a host of UK celebs the awesome foursome certainly seemed to enjoy themselves with the following highlights being the best of the bunch!

Wesley Snipes chatting up premiere host Laura Whitmore

Snipes was clearly having fun. Having already danced on the red carpet (and dancing in the cinema afterwards), Snipes also had a crack at chatting up our delightful host Laura Whitmore.

Whitmore simply asked how she’d get a spot in the Expendables. Qucik as a flash Snipes replied “Well, are you married?” with a very cheeky grin. He the followed this up with, “Depends what you want to do to get in The Expendables” - with an even more mischievous smile on his face.

Stallone heckling Statham

During Jason Statham’s interview, in which he mocked Vinnie Jones’ outfit (who was Statham’s plus one at the event), a rather naughty Sylvester Stallone heckled the British star by shouting his name, making fun of him and firing imaginary arrows at him from his imaginary bow. Yup. That happened.

Lutz Claims Stallone’s kids got him The Expendables role

Hunky Kellan Lutz let slip that he reckons he only got the role in Expendables 3 because Sylvester Stallone’s family loved him in the Twilight film. Having played Emmet Cullen in the films, Lutz said “Thank god he has daughters that are Twilight fans because that goes a long way!”.

Stallone hints at Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson for Expendables 4

This would be awesome! He also says that the new cast are more thespian actors in Expendables 3 (awkward for the returning cast!) and accidentally spits on Laura Whitmore’s face. Good times.

Antonio Banderas doesn’t see himself as an action star

Despite being Zorro, Puss In Boots and El Mariachi in sensational action flick, Desperado, Antonio Banderas sees himself more as a comedy actor. He also explained how he persuaded Stallone to make his character humorous. Having seen the movie, we think that was a good call.

The Expendables 3 is released in the UK on 14 August.

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