'Kong: Skull Island': Giant Ape Looks Like 'a God' in Exclusive New Clip

The 2017 movie season kicked into a higher gear last week with the release of Logan, and it’s set to explode with this Friday’s debut of Kong: Skull Island, a new take on the movies’ classic giant ape that’s also intended to help push Warner Bros. and Legendary Films’ ongoing MonsterVerse (which began with 2014’s Godzilla) into overdrive. While it boasts an impressive cast including Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, and John C. Reilly, Skull Island’s main attraction is unquestionably its title character. Now, in an exclusive new video (watch it above), we can all get a first-hand look at the king of the jungle.

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In the featurette, cast and crew members expound on their 100 foot tall “castmate.” He’s “truly monstrous in size and scale and scope,” says star Hiddleston, who describes Kong as “a force of nature. He’s an alpha predator protecting his territory.” That’s clear from the footage from the film we see in this clip. Kong shows off unparalleled skill at swatting helicopters out of the sky and roaring with earthquake-grade menace.

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As director Jordan Vogt-Roberts says, the idea was to guarantee that when audiences got their first look at the beast, they’d think, “That’s a god.” Mission accomplished. Kong: Skull Island rampages into theaters this Friday, March 10.

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