The Machine: first trailer (exclusive)

Yahoo UK Movies News14 November 2013

Hot on the heels of it’s two BIFA nominations, Yahoo Movies is delighted to debut the first trailer for British sci-fi ‘The Machine’. 

Set in the near future with Britain still suffering from the recession, we’re locked in cold war-style struggle with China. 

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The Ministry of Defense develops a robotic soldier with real brain implants to help win the war, with Caity Lotz’ cyborg the result. Super-strong and moral-free, she goes rogue after growing suspicious of her creator, scientist Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens).

Screen Daily praised Caradog James’ film as “an impressively slick and intense British sci-fi film” that blends ‘Frankenstein’ with ‘Blade Runner’.

‘The Machine’ is set for a theatrical release in March 2014.

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