The New Thor: Cover Art and More Details About Marvel's Latest Female Superhero

New Thor 1 cover
New Thor 1 cover

Thor #1, which introduces the new superhero, goes on sale Oct. 1

A few months ago, Marvel Comics announced that an upcoming comic book would have a storyline in which Thor — the hammer-wielding god of thunder, whose present form bears an uncanny resemblance to Chris Hemsworthwould be a woman. Reaction in the fanboy universe was as predictable at it was un-nuanced.

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Earlier this week, Marvel released the final cover art (above) and a few pages from Thor #1, which goes on sale Oct. 1. And the writer of the new comic book, Jason Aaron, spoke to a few media outlets about his new project. He told that, while he was pleasantly surprised by the volume of conversation following the announcement, he was also disappointed at the single-theme focus: “I think if we just said somebody else is going to pick up the hammer of Thor — it’s just this other dude — I don’t think we would’ve gotten quite the same response.”

Speaking with USA Today, Aaron said that the identity of the new Thor will not be immediately revealed (“the real story begins once we know who she is, and what her story is”) and that the former Thor will be around (though, in an understandably dark and bitter space).

Thor #1 panel 01
Thor #1 panel 01

The identity of this mysterious woman who now wields Thor’s hammer will not be immediately revealed 

He went onto to explain how the new concept provides the perfect vehicle for exploring gender issues — including a storyline in which Thor’s mother Freyja, having ruled Asgard in the absence of her husband Odin, is reluctant to hand over power when he returns. “Now Freyja has proven herself to be a worthy leader,” said Aarom, “and she’s not ready to just step aside and drift back into the shadows.”

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It’s unlikely that we’ll see the new Thor on the big screen anytime soon. (The continuity-obsessed Marvel has a roster of movies planned out beyond the next decade.) Still, we would never rule out the possibility of a female hand gripping Mjölnir. How old is Chris Hemsworth’s daughter again?

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