Coronavirus: 'The One Show' hit with complaints over lockdown haircare advice

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Alex Jones hosts 'The One Show' which has been giving viewers tips on how to get through lockdown. (Ray Burmiston/BBC)

The One Show has received almost 300 complaints after a hairdresser told viewers shop-bought dye was just the same as going to a salon.

Stylist Michael Douglas – who is in a relationship with TV presenter Davina McCall – appeared on the BBC show to give advice on how to care for their hair while they are unable to visit a professional hairdresser during government lockdown, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The BBC confirmed it has received 287 complaints about Douglas’ comments, which did not mention the dangers of using chemicals on the skin and the importance of carrying out a patch test for allergic reactions first.

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Celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas lives with partner Davina McCall. (Getty Images)

The broadcaster said in a statement: “The One Show had been contacted by a number of viewers asking if they could go to the hairdressers given the current advice about social distancing. 

“We therefore decided to include this item which looked at whether we should be cutting hair ourselves. 

“We gave viewers some simple advice to help them feel confident about managing their hair until they are able to get their hairdresser to do the job properly.

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“Our hairdresser did suggest people should seek advice from their hairdressers and we believe viewers would be aware of the need to carefully check the instructions for any product they buy.”

Celebrity hairdresser Douglas told host Alex Jones: "If you want to cover grey hair and you want to do your roots, it's really easy. The stuff you buy in the supermarkets is the exact same stuff that gets used in the salons... It works exactly the same."

He added: "If you're a bit unsure, go semi-permanent to start with because it's no commitment. It'll wash out. Like I said, there's loads of advice out there and the products work just as well."

There was also some concern his comments could be detrimental to the hairdressing industry, which like many businesses have taken a financial hit by being forced to close during lockdown.

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Douglas has issued an apology on Instagram, saying: “An apology and an explanation. I really didn’t mean to upset so many of you.

“My intention was just to help viewers and consumers. With specific queries they had posed.”

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