The Riot Club: 8 Things We Learned From Sam Claflin, Max Irons, and Douglas Booth

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This week sees the release of ‘The Riot Club’, Lone Scherfig’s adaptation of Laura Wade’s stage play ‘Posh’.

We gathered three of the film’s stars together to play the beloved student drinking game beer pong… but with a twist. Instead of chucking ping pong balls into cups of beer, we switched the ale for university-themed questions, and got Sam Claflin (of ‘Hunger Games’ fame), Max Irons (son of Jeremy), and Douglas Booth (most recently seen in ‘Noah’) to play along, you can watch the video in full above. 

You can also check out an exclusive new clip from the film below…

Featuring some of the hottest British acting talent working right now, the film is thinly-veiled dig at secret Oxford University society group the Bullingdon Club, which counts David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and George Osborne amongst its infamous alumni. It’s a university-set romp with a dark heart, that asks: Who’s REALLY in charge of this country and can we trust them?

Here’s what we learned from playing question pong with Sam, Max, and Douglas.

Sam Claflin is not a fan of his ‘Hunger Games’ hair

Natural brunette Sam pointed at his own hair when asked what his worst ever hairstyle was. The actor has to have it died blonde for his role as Finnick Odair in the ‘Hunger Games’ films, but we get the impression he can’t wait to go back to his natural color.

Max Irons had a very painful injury on ‘The White Queen’

The actor, who plays reluctant toff Miles Richard in ‘The Riot Club’, recounted a rather painful-sounding accident that he had on the set of the BBC’s period drama ‘The White Queen’, that saw him dislocate his shoulder. Ouch.

The Riot Club
The Riot Club

Max Irons knows A LOT about submarines

Sam Claflin reckons Norwich City FC would be his Mastermind subject, while Douglas opted for the vague discipline of “History”. Max Irons though, says he’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of submarines and fighter planes, from “reading books and watching documentaries”.

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Douglas Booth once played Winston Churchill 

When you look at the chiseled Douglas Booth, the last person that springs to mind is Winston Churchill, but apparently the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ star once played the sturdy wartime PM. Admittedly, it was for radio, but we’re finding it hard to picture Douglas with Winnie’s famous cigar flicking the victory salute.

Max Irons had an impressive nickname growing up

Max says his classmates called him “Boss” at school. He wouldn’t elucidate any further on the origins of his nickname, but we were quietly impressed… and a little bit scared.

Beer Pong gif
Beer Pong gif

And Sam Claflin has an adorable nickname for Douglas Booth

The ‘Quiet Ones’ star says he calls his co-star “Dougal”, and he’s the only one who does it, which is frankly just charming. Dougal’s reciprocal nickname for Sam is “Claffers”. Get a room, guys!

Douglas Booth doesn’t eat meat

Whether this is a side-effect of working on the eco-epic ‘Noah’, we’re not sure, but Booth admitted he no longer eats meat and his preferred takeout of choice is Indian.

Douglas Booth loves ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

The guys list ‘Her’ and ‘Boyhood’ as some of their favorite films of 2014 so far, but Douglas has a soft spot for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ which he thinks was “a lot of fun”. Of course, he may be biased as Sam Claflin’s wife Laura Haddock is also in it, playing Peter Quill’s sick mother.

‘The Riot Club’ is in cinemas nationwide from Friday, 19 September.

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