The Rock Promises His DC Anti-Hero Black Adam Will One Day "Go At It With Superman"

Ben Bussey
·UK Movies Writer

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has promised we will eventually get to see him go head-to-head with the big cheeses of DC as Black Adam, anti-hero of long-awaited superhero movie ‘Shazam.’

Well, we’re calling it ‘long-awaited’ now - truth is it’s going to be long awaited for some time, as the movie won’t be hitting screens until 2019, but social media butterfly Johnson has been dropping hints about it since late 2013.

Black Adam is essentially a negative version of Shazam, with the same strength and superpowers, but without the same morality. Some were surprised when Johnson was announced as playing this role as opposed to the title role of Shazam himself (whose casting has yet to be announced), and there remains uncertainty as to what extent Black Adam will be the bad guy.

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Speaking to Total Film, Johnson has shed a little more light on the subject - naturally without going into too much specific detail:

"I think Black Adam is going to grow into becoming an anti-hero. It’s all written within the spirit of respecting and paying homage to the comics. As we know, Black Adam started out as a slave. When he’s given the powers, he utilised them. Then in the wake of his powers, tragedy strikes, which turns his sentiment and tone in terms of psychology.”

There have also been questions asked as to how ‘Shazam’ will connect with the broader DC universe of ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and the films set to follow. Some reports have suggested that ‘Shazam’ will be an entirely standalone film not set in the same story world as the other DC movies - but, without necessarily rubbishing this notion, Johnson puts a different spin on it.

“It was all agreed that the worlds are all interconnected… One day you will see Black Adam go at it with Superman or Batman or any of the DC characters. But that said, there’s a great independence to Black Adam from the DC world, allowing us to inject, not only viciousness, but also winking humour.”

Before then, Johnson will hit screens ‘Fast and Furious 7’ on 3 April, followed by ‘San Andreas’ on  29 May 2015.

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Picture Credit: WENN, DC