The Rover: 8 Things We Learned From Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce

In David Michôd’s new film, the sci-fi tinged Aussie thriller ‘The Rover’, Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce play a pair of ne’er do wells who join forces in the outback as they hunt down the thieves who stole Pearce’s car.

It’s a gritty, sweat-drenched glimpse into a dystopian future where people scratch a living from the bush in a ‘post-collapse’ world. It’s a bit like ‘Mad Max’ without the crazy hair dos, shoulder pads, and smoke-spewing muscle cars.

The Rover
The Rover

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce were in town to promote the film, but we thought we’d give them a break from the headline-hungry journos firing questions at them, and we let them interview each other.

You can watch our uncut 12-minute interview in full above.

Here’s some of the highlights to watch out for.

Robert Pattinson based his character Rey on a kid he used to babysit for.

The Rover
The Rover

"His calves were too short, and he walked around in a funny way, and I thought about it consciously before when I was walking.”

Rob thinks people might hate him for being beautiful.

His character sings “Don’t hate me 'cause I'm beautiful” in the film, but Pattinson jokes that he has haters for another reason in real-life.

“Really they hate me because I’m just better than them and they’re jealous! I’m cooler, better looking, just all round a better person and that’s probably why they hate me so much!”

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Guy Pearce got badly sun burnt on set after falling asleep in the sun.

“We had a pool in Leigh Creek and I fell asleep,” explains Pearce, “I thought I was under the netting, but clearly that netting doesn’t work that well!”

Scoot McNairy went rustling on the shoot.

The Rover
The Rover

“Scoot turned up on a scooter, which disappeared,” says Pattinson of the actor who plays his brother in the film, “He turned up at the pub on a horse! And we were like ‘Where did you find a horse?’ And he was like ‘I just found it! It was tied up’”

“You just stole someone’s horse? Take it back!”

Rob LOVES ‘Lawless’ and… ‘The LEGO Movie’?

"I really like you in ‘Lawless’,” says Rob when quizzed on his favorite films of Guy’s, “The more I see it, the more I like it too. I’ve seen it like three times now, in the last few weeks.”

“Not as many times as you’ve seen ‘The LEGO Movie’ though?” prompts Guy.

“It’s getting up to ‘LEGO Movie’!” says Rob. “It’s amazing!”

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Rob doesn’t remember working with James Franco.

“Someone was asking me the other day, ‘Oh you just worked with James Franco…’ And I said - ‘No I haven’t!’”

“And then I realised that I HAVE worked with him. It was the last movie I did! That was embarrassing.”

The Rover
The Rover

Rob isn’t picky when it comes to choosing his roles.

“I genuinely choose [my roles], because they’re the only ones I get offered. Pretty much, the jobs I did after ‘Twilight’ are just the jobs I got offered.”

“I just happened to get outré jobs.”

Guy hasn’t hung out his Neighbours co-stars Kylie Minogue for a while.

“I did have breakfast with Kylie recently when we were in Cannes. I bumped into Kylie, which was the first time we’d seen each other in about 17 years.”

“I looked considerably older. She hasn’t changed a bit.”

‘The Rover’ is in cinemas today.