The Shining to return to cinemas

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

'The Shining' is to be re-issued in cinemas in time for Halloween.

The BFI is planning to release the longer US version of Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece onto 120 screens around the UK.

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The American cut of the film is 144 minutes long, with an additional 24 minutes of footage compared to the European version, released in 1980.

Though now considered to be a benchmark in film horror, it was poorly received on its release, with both director Kubrick and leading actress Shelley Duvall being nominated for Razzies, the annual awards for Hollywood's worst films of the year.

It was based on Stephen King's novel about aspiring writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) who loses his mind in the isolated Overlook Hotel, eventually turning on his family.

The release will be preceded in cinemas by the original, remastered trailer.

It follows news that a prequel to the film is being planned by Warner Bros, and that Stephen King is writing a sequel about the life of Dan Torrance, the now middle-aged son of the tormented Jack.