The story behind amazing footage of Jennifer Lawrence comforting crying Hunger Games fan

Youngster was 15 year-old Jessica Hambly, who suffers from Mucopolysaccharidosis Disease.

The touching moment when Jennifer Lawrence spotted a crying fan in the crowd at the ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ premiere in London has lit up the internet.

If you haven’t seen it, Lawrence is walking the red carpet in London when she spots a young fan crying.

The actress asked for the security barriers to be taken down, left the red carpet, and gave the youngster a big hug. What a lady.

Yahoo Movies UK got in touch with film company Lionsgate, who told us more about the young fan who met Jennifer.

(Credit: Yahoo/Lionsgate)

She is Jessica Hambly, who is 15 years-old and from Bransholme near Hull. She suffers from Mucopolysaccharidosis Disease, a metabolic disorder that makes the joints of the body weaker, nerves less effective and the heart and lungs do not work as well as they should.

Jessica was at the premiere thanks to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, an organisation that grants wishes to seriously and terminally ill children and entertains youngsters in hospitals and hospices. Read all about their work here.

It was her Starlight Wish wish to meet Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson because she is a huge fan of the ‘Hunger Games’ and it has always been her dream to meet the stars.

(Credit: Yahoo/Lionsgate)

(Credit: Yahoo/Lionsgate) “It really must have been truly amazing for Jessica to have Jennifer spot her from the other side of the carpet and make a very special visit over to her and then to kneel down beside her and say hello,” said Sarah Davey, Jessica's wish granter at Starlight. 

“Jessica looks very emotional and no words can describe what that moment means to Jessica and her family - it will continue to be a very special moment for them all, a wonderful memory to cherish whatever the future holds.”

Jessica uses a wheelchair most of the time but despite all of this she tries to attend school as much as possible and is preparing for her GCSE's.
She says of her condition: “'Although my condition has gone wrong and got worse, it's limitations are still minor things like not being allowed on fast or rockety rides but that's not important to me. What is important to me, however, is time and memories and although I will never be a granny, I measure life in what you did, not how long you lived!”

We think you’ll agree both Jessica and Jennifer are amazing young women.