The top 25 places to work in Britain

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Pest control firm Rentokil Initial is the best company to work for in the UK, according to British employees.

The UK-based firm, which serves customers ranging from multinational companies to homeowners, came top of a ranking of Britain’s best employers by job site Indeed, based on tens of thousands of reviews written by “the people who know them best” – their staff. 

Rentokil came top for its job security and advancement, with staff praising how it promotes from within, the good work-life balance and the company’s positive culture. In reviews, staff described having high job satisfaction and doing fulfilling work.

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“Being Indeed’s top-rated workplace for the private sector is a tribute to the hard work and commitment of our colleagues,” said Andy Ransom, CEO of Rentokil Initial.

“We focus on getting it right for our people and in turn they provide a great service to our customers. We'd be the last to claim that we always get it right but we're committed to the long term investment in our people and their progression and development.” 

“Our approach is to ensure that we have a culture in place where everyone can develop their career through industry-leading training and be recognised for doing so. In particular, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment for all employees by striving to be an organisation that values everyone’s talents and abilities.”

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Rentokil’s success pushed 2018’s winner, the global tech giant Apple, down into second place. 

British firms dominate the table, and account for four of the top five on the list, and six of the top 10. 

Apple, the only non-British company in the top five, employs around 6,500 people in the UK. Praise for its staff perks, which include free or discounted tech, feature “prominently” in the reviews posted on Indeed. 

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The third-ranked employer is The Agincare Group, one of the country’s largest care groups, employing more than 3,500 staff. It scored highly for its supportive management and for offering a good work-life balance.

Two more British companies – retailers Wren Kitchens and Lush Cosmetics – complete the top five.

Retailers performed strongly, with seven different retail companies making the list – the most of any sector.

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Department store Marks and Spencer appeared at number 15, while John Lewis and Waitrose were also highly-rated by staff, coming in at 19 and 20, respectively.

John Lewis and Waitrose are both partnerships, meaning they invite employees to become partners and share profits with them.

Bill Richards, UK managing director  Indeed, said: “Britain’s job creation boom may be easing off, but it’s still very much a job-seeker’s market – in which companies have to fight hard to attract the staff they need to grow.

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“With private sector employers facing stiff competition for the best talent, many companies realise they need to offer more than just an attractive salary. Other factors can be just as important when it comes to wooing good people.

“Reviews posted this year on Indeed’s website by tens of thousands of employees demonstrate just how much value they put on a good work-life balance and a positive work culture – and how likely they are to research and consider these factors before deciding to apply.

“The companies in our top 25 scored consistently highly across all categories, and reviews from their staff show what a decisive difference these factors make in how they are regarded as employers.”

The top 25 employers in the UK, according to staff

  1. Rentokil Initial

  2. Apple

  3. The Agincare Group

  4. Wren Kitchens

  5. Lush Cosmetics

  6. E (Gas and Electricity)

  7. Barclays

  8. Nando’s

  9. Kumon

  10. JPMorgan Chase

  11. Siemens AG

  12. PricewaterhouseCoopers

  13. Rolls-Royce

  14. EY

  15. Marks and Spencer

  16. IKEA

  17. Bakkavor

  18. GlaxoSmithKline

  19. John Lewis & Partners

  20. Waitrose & Partners

  21. RBS

  22. Clarks

  23. BAE Systems

  24. Lloyds Bank

  25. Arnold Clark