There's a new 'hot felon' in town, and her name is Mirella Ponce

Hot felons (Photo: Instagram/Jeremy Meeks; Facebook/Fresno Police Department)

Finally! A female “hot felon”!

The newest member of the Inmates With Model Looks Club comes from Fresno, California, and her name is Mirella Ponce.

The gang member was arrested Oct. 23, and when information about her arrest, her mugshot photo, and a photo of the lilac colored handgun she allegedly had in her possession during the arrest were shared on the Fresno Police Department’s Facebook page, there was more excitement over her makeup than over the crime.

Mirella Ponce (Photo: Facebook/Fresno Police Department)

“On Oct. 23, 2017, Detectives from the Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium Tactical Team initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 2500 Block of E. White which led to the arrest of TRG gang member Mirella Ponce for possessing a loaded firearm,” the Fresno Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Ponce was with her infant child and two other gang members when she was stopped…Both Ponce and the arrested passenger were booked into the Fresno County Jail.”

In the mug shot, Ponce looks flawless. Her black and blue hair was loose and wavy, her eyebrows perfectly shaped, her eyelashes curled and coated, and her neck and chest tattoos on full display. The look on her face is more up-and-coming model fresh out of Tyra Banks’s master class than criminal.

And Facebook agrees. The post has 2.4K reactions, 4,290 shares, and 1.5K comments.

The comments range from those praising her makeup skills to those offering to pay her bail, which is set at $100,000.

“Those are the best looking eyebrows I’ve seen on this page,” one follower noted. “How much the bail is I’ll pay it,” someone else said.

“She’s beautiful tho that highlight poppin,” a commenter praised. Others are requesting her makeup info. “Can you ask her what highlight this is pls.” Then there are those who believe her beauty can lead her to a better life. “Beautiful lady.. Hope she works her beauty and puts it to work..Hope she changes her life around for her and her children,” someone suggested. “Sad, she’s a beautiful girl she needs to get her life together for her baby. She could do so much better.”

People are already comparing her to the OG felon-turned-model, Jeremy Meeks. “So yall giving her attention on how beautiful she is.. I agree she is.. she might be the next Jeremy Meeks! getting model contracts and all. LoL.”

Of course, plenty of people are commenting on her crime. And some are disappointed in the positive attention she is getting. “So shes hot. And she put her baby in harm and y’all wanna praise her? Something is really wrong with today’s society,” wrote a follower.

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