These Two Actors Look AMAZINGLY Alike, But Which Is The Real Mark Hamill?


Are we seeing double?

Have we finally lost our minds, or is this just two pictures of the same Mark Hamill?

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Well, seemingly not. The guy on the left is Mark Hamill, the guy on the right is ‘Captain America’ star Sebastian Stan’s face morphed onto a shot of the young Hamill from 'The Empire Strikes Back’.

And it’s scarily, weirdly uncanny.


Stan’s likeness to the young Luke Skywalker has been noted in the past, many comparing mugs of the two on Twitter.

But this is the strongest evidence yet that despite the yawning chasm between their ages, they might have been separated at birth.

Instagram artist Morphy_Me is the one who has melded the two mugs.

“Ok, to be honest it’s photoshopped,” he says, “but it’s crazy how I see only Mark Hamill at the left and Sebastian Stan at the right, while in fact this is the exactly same face!!!”

Yep, that is a bit weird.

Stan has acknowledged the likeness in the past, adding that he was seen for the new ‘Star Wars’ movie four times, but didn’t end up bagging a role.


“Didn’t even know what role for at the time,” he told fans. “Who knows in the future, but would certainly consider.”

Hamill himself has remarked upon it too, discussing the likeness – among other things – during an impromptu #AskMrHamill session with his followers last night.


Asked to describe Stan in three words, he said:


Dovetailing nicely, Stan even posted a pic of him and Hamill last week after they met at the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere.


The caption read, simply, ‘finally’.

Image credits: Morphy_Me/Instagram/Twitter