This is how much Brits expect their partners to spend on an engagement ring

Brits believe their parenters should spend about £12,153 on their 'forever' rings. (Karina Thomson/Unsplash)

Brits have very high expectations when it comes to engagement rings — with the average cost they believe their partner should spend being an exorbitant £12,153.

This means the average earner would have to spend over five months’ wages on the ring.

And although 64% of Brits still want their partner to choose their “forever ring” to propose with, there is a peaking interest amongst those in a relationship to share the responsibility, a survey of 2,000 adults by retailer Buckley London found.

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Over a third (36%) of Brits would prefer a costume jewellery “placeholder ring”, so they can have a say in the choice.

And it turns out Brits have high expectations across the board, as those who may be opposed to their partner’s taste believe they should spend about £407 on their placeholder engagement ring.

The study also found that nearly two thirds (65%) of women wouldn’t think twice about telling their partner they didn’t like the engagement ring they proposed with, as opposed to only a mere 33% of men who would be brave enough to voice their dissatisfaction to their significant other.

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When it comes to dropping down on one knee, 69% of the population don’t believe that woman should pop the question.

However, it appears that 24 to 35 year olds are most likely to think more liberally when it comes to gender role traditions, as 46% believe the onus can be on either sex to propose.

Likewise, with Scousers (53%) and Mancunian’s (44%) who also share these progressive views. 

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Despite 75% of residents from Southampton wanting their partner to choose their forever ring they propose with, 71% would have no issue in revealing they weren’t happy with the purchase.

In contrast, Geordie’s would rather stray away from any potential conflict, as more than half (61%) wouldn’t tell their partner if they weren’t happy with the ring.

Interestingly, 34% of residents from Southampton believe their partners should be really splashing their cash, as they’d expect them to spend between £12,501 and £15,000 on a forever engagement ring.

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Additionally, 18 to 24 year olds have high expectations, as they believe their significant other should spend £1,001 to £2,000 on a placeholder ring.

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