Thor 2: How does Loki know Malekith?

Ryan Leston
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Thor 2: How does Loki know Malekith?
Christopher Eccleston as the Dark Elf Malekith

Since the first trailer for 'The: The Dark World' was released, we've seen Thor hint at a past between Loki and the Dark Elf Malekith… but how exactly do they know each other?

It looks as though Marvel's favourite Norse demi-god is is for a rough ride as Thor is forced to turn to his brother, Loki for help. But while the two-faced villain is the only one to have encountered this dangerous new threat, how exactly does he know the Dark Elf Malekith? British actor and former-Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston reveals that there may not be as much of a connection between the two villains as we were led to believe…

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In an interview with Total Film, Christopher Eccleston talks about the motivation behind Malekith's attacks… and the possible link between him and Loki. But it might not be as complex as you'd hoped.

"I've got to tell you," he said. "There really isn't that big a connection actually, when it finally plays out. A movie comes along with a baddie, and then you add another baddie to that mix. But in terms of Malekith and his manoeuvring, there's not a huge amount of screen time with those two guys together. There's an implied connection - which Loki plays with - but it's not a hugely developed strand in the film."

Now, I'll be honest… I was expecting a bit more. Don't get me wrong, I love Loki as a character and Christopher Eccleston looks as though he'll make a mean Malekith. But I was expecting a lot more interplay between the two. And I can't help thinking that would have been an interesting move - especially since Loki is so loved by the fans.

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Thankfully, it looks as though Malekith's motivation comes from a suitably dark place… and it's all about revenge.

"What I thought about a great deal was revenge," Eccleston explained. "There's huge amounts of revenge. One quote is: "When you see revenge, be sure to dig two graves." I did a film called 'Revengers Tragedy' where I played a guy called Vindici - from the word 'vindictive' - and he is the distillation of revenge. So, in a way, that was what I had to think of: how revenge can make you absolutely monomaniacal - though you're still trying to make it recognizably motive-led. It's just the personification of movie evil."

Of course, revenge is a good enough motive for many a movie villain… but I still can't help feeling that Marvel might have missed a trick by not exploiting the relationship between Loki and Malekith a bit further. Obviously, we'll have to see how this all plays out on the big screen, but I'd rather hoped for a bit more insight into why Loki is like he is. And I thought we might get to the bottom of some of that through Malekith.

Still, I'm sure Christopher Eccleston will make a great Dark Elf. And who knows, maybe he'll appear again if Loki ever gets his own spin-off…

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