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Thor 3 on its way, confirms Jaimie Alexander

But where will Marvel squeeze him in?

'Thor: The Dark World's' already impressive box office haul means that a third film will be confirmed any day now, which is a good job considering that one of the sequel's stars, Jaimie Alexander, already admitted that it was coming last Friday.

Alexander, who plays Lady Sif in the 'Thor' franchise, made the unexpected announcement at Stan Lee's Comikaze in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon, where she was moderating the AMC panel discussion, "Movie Talk".

However, she didn't hint at when his next adventure might be squeezed into Marvel's schedule.

Forbes' Mark Hughes Tweeted the news from Comikaze13, telling his followers:

Jaimie Alexander confirms third THOR film is happening. #Comikaze13

- Mark Hughes (@markhughesfilms) November 1, 2013

Of course, a third 'Thor' film was always likely to be on Marvel's agenda.

The franchise's titular star, Chris Hemsworth, according to, previously confirmed that he is signed up for two more 'Avengers' films and one more 'Thor' endeavour, however, when discussing the latter, he indicated that it was still in Marvel's maybe pile.

Will Jaimie Alexander (left) and Alan Taylor reunite for Thor 3? (Credit: Disney)

Alexander's comments, plus 'Thor: The Dark World's' mammoth gross, which, at the moment, suggests that it could even topple 'Iron Man 3' as Marvel's most successful ever cinematic effort, now heavily suggest that Hemsworth will be forced to pick up Mjolnir for one more solo swing.

SPOILER ALERT: One of the sequel's post-credits scenes also helped to set up a possible third 'Thor' film too, which, in turn, will spark speculation over whether Alan Taylor will take up the director's chair again.

Personally, I believe the 'Game Of Thrones' stalwart did a bang-up job following on from Kenneth Branagh's original, adding more humour and fun while also deflating some of the pomp that held back the first instalment.

But Taylor's comments while promoting 'Thor: The Dark World' have been a little guarded, especially when it came to the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' teaser scene that caused him so much ire, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Marvel hire a third director for the character instead.

And who would turn down Marvel at the moment? Let's face it, they are currently on a hot streak when it comes to landing their desired directors.

Alongside Taylor's sterling effort, Shane Black reinvigorated Tony Stark with 'Iron Man 3' and Joss Whedon helped to turn 'The Avengers' into a modern day 'Star Wars' with his ensemble epic, while Edgar Wright and James Gunn are helming their two impending origin tales, 'Ant-Man' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' respectively, which indicates that Marvel are selecting the current cream of the cinematic crop for their slate.

It now appears as though they could pick any director they wanted. Maybe even Messrs Spielberg and Cameron might be tempted to have a play in their universe in the future …

Is there any need for 'Thor 3'? Should Alan Taylor direct it? Let us know in the comments. Watch the trailer for 'Thor: The Dark World' below.

Gregory Wakeman is a Marvel movie enthusiast who was blown away by Thor: The Dark World, and wishes that Tom Hiddleston would be his BFF.

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