Three reasons why Pixar aren't in trouble

Ben Skipper
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Three reasons why Pixar aren't in trouble
Pixar's finest

'Toy Story', 'The Incredibles', 'Toy Story 2', 'Monsters Inc', 'Finding Nemo' 'Wall-E', 'Up', 'Ratatouille', 'Toy Story 3' - just what is the best Pixar film? It's an argument that has inspired debate among film fans for years and one that only has because of the undeniable quality of the studio's output.

There seems to be a lot of negativity towards the company at the moment and a general disappointment in their recent films. Some even say the company is in trouble and turning to sequels to help bail themselves out.

Well that's all a load of rubbish, and here's why.

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'Toy Story 3' only came out three years ago

Pixar's hot streak came to an end in 2010 with the release of the third 'Toy Story' adventure. It was a huge success creatively and commercially, a wonderful and emotional film loved by all who saw it.

To say Pixar were held in high esteem would be an understatement. They had helped create a golden era of animation not seen since the early Disney days and there weren't enough adjectives in the English language to describe just how wonderful they were during that period.

That was only three years ago. In the time since, 'Cars 2' has been labelled cynical, 'Brave' a misstep and 'Monsters University' has been divisive. That said each still has its fans, which brings me onto my next point.

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How many bad films have Pixar actually made?

When I say bad, I mean genuinely bad, not just comparatively. A lot of people judge the work of Pixar against all that came before it. Films should be judged on what they are and not on what the studio has done before.

The past successes or failures of a studio shouldn't inform what people think of their latest output. 'Brave' was good! 'Monsters Univeristy' was even better. No, they weren't classics and 'University' wasn't a patch on the original, but they were still at the very least decent films.

Review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes backs this up. 'Monsters University' and 'Brave' both have a 78% rating on the site. No they're not up there with the studio's best work, but they're still considered good and were successes.

'Cars 2' was definitely naff though.

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The future is bright

Next year sees the release of 'The Good Dinosaur', which tells the story of an enormous Apatosaurus befriending a human boy. This will be followed up in 2015 by 'Up' director Pete Docter's 'Inside Out', which is set entirely inside a young girl's mind - which is certainly one of the most intriguing Pixar concepts ever.

Then, in a rare double bill, Pixar will also release 'Nemo' sequel 'Finding Dory' in November 2015. Pixar sequels get a hard time because they seen as cash-grabs first and foremost, but as sequels go this one is shaping up well with the original cast all returning and the original director Andrew Stanton also back in the chair.

2016's release will be based on the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Little else is known about it, but it's the third original film out of four on Pixar's slate.

To say Pixar are creatively bankrupt, especially in the face of the above, is foolish. The last three years have been something of a blip for a company that had until that point been near-flawless, but they remain an incredibly talented bunch and there's no reason we shouldn't believe that best is yet to come.