Tiffany & Co. Unveils Peter Marino Exhibition at The Landmark

Tiffany & Co. is continuing its work with Peter Marino for its inaugural art exhibition at The Landmark.

The architect, who is behind the fine jeweler’s new Fifth Avenue flagship, is unveiling an art exhibition in The Landmark’s gallery space, called “Culture of Creativity,” which marks the store’s first exhibition since opening in April. The exhibition will be open from March 4 to May 20.

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The exhibition’s pieces come from the Peter Marino Art Foundation and include artwork such as paintings, sculptures and silver pieces. The collection is meant to reflect the architect’s close connection with the fine jewelry brand.

Peter Marino's art exhibition at Tiffany & Co's The Landmark
Artwork from Peter Marino’s exhibition.

“I took pieces from the Peter Marino Art Foundation, which reflected pieces that I have sold to Tiffany,” Marino said during a preview of the exhibition. “Everyone kept saying when Tiffany opened in the spring, ‘why did you pick these artists?’ And my answer is that they’re all a part of my foundation’s collection and they’re all artists that I know and believe in. Tiffany gave me the opportunity to explain why I picked who I did for the store.”

The two-floor exhibition includes more than 70 pieces of art from 26 artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rashid Johnson, Claude Lalanne, Damien Hirst, Sarah Sze, Stanley Whitney, Urs Fischer, Richard Prince and many others.

The Tiffany silver pieces, which come from Marino’s own collection, include many items from the 1880s like tea sets, silverware, candlesticks and others.

Peter Marino's art exhibition at Tiffany & Co's The Landmark
Inside Peter Marino’s art exhibition at Tiffany & Co’s The Landmark.

Marino highlighted several pieces of art as standouts in the collection, including Prince’s two cowboy paintings from 2012 and 2013 and Johnson’s “Anxious Red Painting” from 2020 that Marino said “pinned our COVID times.”

“What’s interesting about the collection is that it’s not only paintings and sculptures that I collect, but I also have a kind of formidable collection of Tiffany mixed-metal silvers, which I started in the 1980s and that was my karmic bond to Tiffany,” Marino said. “I always believed that if you collect something, 20 to 30 years later the circle is finished and you get them as a client. I’m teasing, but the collection is extraordinary and it’s really worth seeing.”

Marino opened the Peter Marino Art Foundation in 2021 in Southampton, N.Y. The space showcases more than 200 pieces of art dating from 3500 B.C. to the present day.

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