Tiger snake eel on the prowl is a beautiful sight

Tiger snake eels are beautiful creatures with striking colouration and markings. Their bodies are cream coloured with dark brown spots and stripes. They are not snakes, although they appear to be, at first glance. Eels are fish. They breath through gills and they spend all of their lives underwater. Unlike snakes, they have fins for swimming. This tiger snake eel was hunting small fish and crustaceans in the shallows around Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. Willing to jam his head completely into the crevices in search of a meal, this eels is committed to finding food at any cost. While hunting, this eel will need to keep an eye out for cormorants, diving birds that prey heavily on the eels. Eels are also a favourite food for seal lions that inhabit these waters. It is fascinating to watch the balance of nature as animals in the ocean struggle to survive every day. Some are predators and some are prey. The balance can change in an instant.