TikTok mom gives a hilariously accurate portrayal of every 3-year-old ever

TikTok mom gives a hilariously accurate portrayal of every 3-year-old ever

There’s a reason TikTok mom Lindsey Gurk has 3.6 million followers. Not only are her anecdotes and skits about daily life entertaining, but she completely nails what it’s like living with a toddler. Gurk pretends to be her daughter in many of her skits and from the voice to the mannerisms, she’s completely spot on.

In her latest skit about her now 3-year-old daughter—the series was previously “things my 2-year-old says”—Gurk perfectly portrays life with a 3-year-old. The video portrays her daughter demanding she wants to “dood it herself” when getting dressed and a “receipt” at the end of the video of her actual 3-year-old daughter demanding everyone sings “Happy Birthday” to her, with so much hilarity and familiarity in between.

Of course, it wasn’t her birthday, but everyone did what they were told—because that’s what you do when you’re being hollered at by a 3-year-old, right?

In the video caption, Gurk says, “I’ve never experienced this level of sass before…and she OWNS it.”

Highlights of the video include a scene where she gets dressed. After “telling her mom” “I dood it mine own self,” and snatching her clothes from her, she demands her mom “get out.” Then when mom reminds her to say “privacy please,” she yells, “privacy please now, go away.” So close, yet so far.

Then she of course comes out with her underwear on the outside of her pants, her sweatshirt backwards, a hat, and sunglasses, in typical toddler fashion. She just wants to be a big girl after all.

And of course the other highlight depicts the hitting stage that so many toddlers go through.

As she hits her mom saying, “I get you. I get you,” the mom gently reminds her that she knows she’s just playing, but we don’t hit. Then the “3 year old” says, “Yeah, I forgive you mommy.”

When reminded she should say she’s sorry to her mom, she says, “Yeah, uh, it’s okay mommy, I forgive you.” And then she’s called a little stinker.

The “receipt” at the end proves that all of these scenarios aren’t exaggerations, because prior to the real footage of her daughter screaming at everyone to sing her “Happy Birthday” Gurk does a skit as her daughter doing the exact same thing.

Commenters show solidarity with this mom, who is all of us.

“The gaslighting is real…I forgive you mom,” said one viewer. Another said, “I dood it mine own self is so real.”

Life with toddlers can be challenging but if you can laugh about it, that just makes everything tolerable, and even fun.