TikTok mom who got ‘dumped’ while pregnant shares how Tinder date became her fiancé

TikTok mom Jac Woodwell (@jacquelinewoodwell) shared the moving story of meeting her now-fiancé on Tinder after the father of her child dumped her while she was pregnant.

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Woodwell is a TikToker and parent who shares videos of her adorable daughter, Grace, and her fiancé. While most of Woodwell’s videos are dedicated to showing off sweet moments in the life of her family, the mom took to TikTok recently to share the moving story of how she met her now-fiancé. In the viral video, which has racked up more than 13 million views, Woodwell shares that she went on her first date with her now-fiancé while pregnant with Grace.

The video begins with a shot of Woodwell standing in her bedroom wearing a pink striped dress and chunky black platform sandals. The mom dances to music as she shares her story in captions.

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“Gets dumped and realizes I’m a single mom before actually becoming a mom,” she writes, as she dances and smiles on screen.

“Downloads Tinder while 4 months pregnant,” she continues. “Cute guy messages me, so we go on a first date.”

But, Woodwell explains in the following captions, she ended up deciding not to pursue the relationship even though she had a great time. Instead, she decided to hold off on dating for the duration of her pregnancy, to allow herself time to adjust to becoming a new mom.

When Woodwell gave birth, however, the guy she met on Tinder sent her anonymous flowers. Though she was touched, she ended up deciding to give things a second shot with Grace’s biological dad.

“I wanted to try and make it work,” she explains.

Soon after Grace’s birth, however, the biological father ended up leaving her again.

“Told me he doesn’t think he can commit to me,” she writes. “Told him I’m finally moving on, [and] the next day Tinder boy randomly asked me on a second date.”

Woodwell agreed to go on the date, and the rest is history!

“Took it as a sign,” she explains. “We have been dating for the past 5 years, and [are] planning on getting married this year.”

“Be happy! You deserve it.”

TikTokers applauded the mom’s moving story!

“Proof a man you barely know can have better intentions than a man that you knew and trusted. Be happy! You deserve it,” one TikToker wrote.

“I met my husband while 4 months pregnant and I couldn’t be happier,” one mom commented.

“You are the cutest,” another viewer chimed in.

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