TikTok is thirsting over 'Jewish Matchmaking' star Stuart Chaseman's 'rizz,' and likening him to Pete Davidson

  • "Jewish Matchmaking" premiered on Netflix on May 3, and one star has captured fans' hearts.

  • Viewers are making TikTok videos about Stuart Chaseman, comparing him to Pete Davidson.

  • Some commenters have dubbed Chaseman "husband material," calling him their "dream man."

"Jewish Matchmaking," Netflix's latest dating show, follows the lives of nine singles who are guided by professional matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom.

One star, 52-year-old Stuart Chaseman, has resonated with viewers more than the rest — so much so that TikTok users have begun obsessing over his wit and charm, posting compilations of their favorite "Stuart moments."

Some of the videos, which began cropping up on May 4, bring in millions of views and hundreds of comments. Some compare the singer-songwriter to comedian Pete Davidson, in part because of his accent and raspy voice, but also because of his sense of humor and dry delivery.

Chaseman did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.


Davidson is notorious for his relationships with high-profile women, from Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian. "Jewish Matchmaking" fans have assigned Chaseman the same celeb status, dubbing his quips on the show "comedic genius" and applauding his "rizz" — a Gen Z shorthand for "charisma."

In the show, Chaseman tells matchmaker Ben Shalom he's interested in dating women who are culturally Jewish, and, among other things, have a maximum of two cats. His requirements have prompted some users to chime in, saying that they fit his criteria. In one TikToker's video, the caption states: "Stuart, I only have two cats, please pick me."

Others in the videos' comment sections ponder if Chaseman would give them a chance even if they're not Jewish, calling him "husband material" and their "dream man."

During the show, Chaseman first meets a woman named Hope, but the chemistry is lacking. He then dates comedian Pamela, but according to StyleCaster, it's unclear whether they're still together.

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