Unusual lawn accessory sets social media ablaze: 'Honestly such a waste'

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Think you’ve got some quirky yard decor? You’re about to be outmatched.

TikTok user nellievacarciuc shared footage of what her lawn looks like, and it’s certainly one-of-a-kind.

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In the video, we first see a single slice of bread in the grass — admittedly a bit odd.

The camera then pans out to reveal hundreds of slices of bread and hamburger buns strewn out across the entire yard.

Commenters had strong opinions about the video.

Most were concerned about the food waste.

“Ugh this just made me mad look at all that food waste… going straight to the bin,” one wrote.

“Not usually one to say this … but this was honestly such a waste of food …” another said.

Nellievacarciuc clarified in the comments section that she wasn’t just making a mess of her yard. Her family plans to use the bread to feed their many chickens.

“Someone sold all the bread to my dad for less than $30,” she wrote. “He laid them out to dry for the animals bc bread goes bad in bags fast.”

Other commenters just joked about the video.

“Just wait for the birds to pull up,” one said.

“I wasn’t bready for that,” another wrote.

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