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TikToker accuses company of ‘stealing’ the design for her tarot card deck: ‘The audacity’

An artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia, has leveled some pretty big accusations at an unnamed company. And while her claims have yet to be substantiated, they are now going viral on TikTok, where countless people are getting fired up on her behalf.

According to Exotic Cancer (@exoticcancer), whose real name doesn’t appear to be anywhere online, the artist designed a unique deck of tarot cards she’s allegedly been selling through her website for some time now.

The deck is described as “a captivating and thought-provoking collection of tarot cards featuring themes of sexuality and femininity,” and it comes in bright pink packaging and retails for $95. It even has over 170 reviews from satisfied customers who’ve purchased the cards, with reviews dating back to July 2022.

But in her now-viral TikTok, Exotic Cancer claims that she recently came across a nearly identical deck of tarot cards being sold online by someone else and now strongly believes she was ripped off.

“A company stole my tarot deck and have been selling it online,” the TikToker alleges in the clip while holding the two card packs up side by side. “I’m really sorry if you own one of these decks, but I thought it would be fun to buy one and review it. So let’s compare the fake deck with the real deck.”

The first critique she has is for the packaging, which she says arrived more damaged than expected.

“It actually arrived to me like this. I promise. I didn’t ruin it for the sake of this video,” she continues, while adding that the box itself is “flimsy,” lacks “structural integrity” and is just plain unappealing to look at.

That said, it does appear to be very similar to her deck of cards in that it comes in pink, bubblegum-colored packaging with nearly identical font and holographic details.

Inside, the instruction manual is also a letdown. Exotic Cancer says it looks like it was made on someone’s home printer because it’s on poor-quality paper, is completely colorless and has multiple blank pages at the end.

One upside, though? She claims the company proofread her work, alleging they fixed a few typos present in her own manual.

As for the actual tarot cards, she says those basically “speak for themselves.” Like everything else in the “fake deck,” the colors are dull, the holographic details are missing, and the overall design execution leaves a lot to be desired.

“What’s even worse is the image quality, but I guess that’s what you get when you scan my work instead of using original files,” the TikToker alleges.

In the end, it’s safe to say she’s not impressed, but she says the “fake deck” doesn’t deserve a 0 rating. After all, it does allegedly include her illustrations and general design themes, so “it can’t be that bad,” she says.

Ultimately, she gives it a 2 out of 10 rating while slamming the company for “stealing” her designs and claiming that, surely, the entire deck “must be cursed.”

Commenters were incensed.

“The fact they had the audacity to steal your work BUT fix your typos,” one person wrote.

“They put your name on it too bruh,” another claimed.

Several people urged the TikToker to take action and maybe even file a lawsuit.

“So so sorry this has happened,” one person said, “hope you can get them pulled successfully!”

“Have already gotten a lot of them taken down,” Exotic Cancer replied to a commenter. “There’s still some floating around that I’m working on.”

In the meantime, the TikToker is still getting praise for her original designs, and many commenters said they’d purchase a deck right from her website in response to her story.

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