TikToker explains how she met her husband by saving her phone during a flash flood: ‘My life is totally changed’

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A woman on TikTok is turning heads after explaining how a perilous flash flood ultimately led to her marriage.

Hannah Winde (@hannahwinde), a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tenn., posted the story on TikTok in late June. The clip, framed as part of the app’s “put a finger down” trend, has viewers in awe.

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It’s just the latest romantic story to go viral on the app. In another recent clip, a TikToker revealed how she discovered her husband had been leaving “secret messages” inside her shoes for years. In another, a woman shared her and her boyfriend’s extremely romantic Wordle grid.

Winde’s story is, at the very least, a lot more frightening. As she says in the clip, it all started when she was 16 and met a sweet guy at summer camp.

The two hit it off and started texting. However, three months later, Winde was woken up in the middle of the night. It was her mom, telling her their house was flooding.

Winde jumped out of bed and quickly moved some valuables to high shelves, hoping they’d survive. Then her entire family — two parents, five kids and two dogs — climbed out her bedroom window.

“By the time you get out of the bedroom window, about 10 minutes later the water’s up to your shoulders,” she said of the experience. “So you have to swim with children on your back and dogs under your arms and hope that you’ll get up to higher ground through an acre of land.”

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Swimming against the current, Winde took out her phone and dialed 911. But ultimately, the officers couldn’t get through the water in time to help her.

So she kept swimming. Along the way, she thought again about her phone.

“The thing that you’re worried about is not all possessions that you probably lost but the number of the guy that you met at summer camp,” Winde said.

Thinking fast, Winde pulled out her phone and saw it was “magically” still working. She took a screenshot of the boy’s contact info, hoping it would save to her Google Drive.

As it turned out, the plan worked. Winde’s family made it to safety and spent the night at a neighbor’s house. Later on, she opened the boy’s contact info and text him again.

“Hey, by the way,” she said she texted him, “my entire house flooded, my life is totally changed, but hey, I still have your phone number.”

“And four years later,” Winde said, revealing her wedding ring. “You and that guy are married.”

TikTok users were blown away by the love story.

“That is love,” one user wrote.

“I am so glad to have watched this until the end!!!” another added.

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