TikToker draws praise for going out with ‘himself’ after his date bails on him: ‘I love the energy’

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A 19-year-old TikToker is getting kudos for going on a date with himself.

U.K.-based TikToker @edbeaufoy posted the clip on March 27. He began by explaining that he’d already planned and gotten dressed up for a night out, but his date canceled at the last minute.

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“I guess I’m gonna go on the date by myself,” he says. “It’s probably gonna be really bad, but let’s just take myself on a date.”

As it turned out, the date was far from bad. Not only did @edbeaufoy seem to have a blast, but he drew over 740,000 views in the process.

The date was seemingly meant to begin with some indoor mini-golf. After grabbing some adult beverages from his local grocery store (the legal drinking age in the U.K. is 18), @edbeaufoy walked to the course.

“I just realized that I win no matter what,” he says during his mini-golf round.

In subsequent footage, @edbeaufoy shows himself playing with some of the course’s employees, who he has seemingly told about his situation.

“I’m a bit lonely,” he says after the round. “But I’ve had a great night, and the workers all love me. They played golf with me; they invited me back another time for free.”

Finally, @edbeaufoy ends his night in a club, dancing and smiling with the crowd.

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TikTok users largely praised the video, saying @edbeaufoy was brave for pulling off the date on his own.

“Someone who is comfortable being by themselves is definitely a flex,” one user wrote.

“I respect you, sir,” another added.

“Self love is the most important enjoy your own company enjoy the date,” another agreed.

Others seemed so charmed by the video that it seems like @edbeaufoy won’t struggle to find a date again.

“Why was this really attractive? I love the energy,” one commenter wrote.

“Should let me take u on a date,” another added.

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