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TikToker predicts current trends we’ll be mocking in 10 years: ‘A crime against humanity’

Fashion and beauty trends come and go. But it’s always surprising just how quickly we turn from loving something to wondering what in the world we were thinking.

According to Jenna Barclay (@jennaabarclay), a popular nostalgia influencer, there are many recent trends that soon may fall into the “what were we thinking?” category in just a few years. And she’s highlighting many of them in a TikTok series that’s now going viral.

In one clip, Barclay points out that the overly plump lip trend — popularized by celebs like Kylie Jenner and usually achieved through surgical lip fillers — is already on its way out.

“This idea of trying to make your face look like a Snapchat filter, especially with the lips,” she explains in the video, “is definitely going to be something we look back on with confusion in the future.”

Then there’s all the oversized clothing we’re currently lusting after — from oversized jeans to extra-large cardigans that practically fall off our shoulders.

“I know that in a few years when fashion circles back, like it always does, and things become a lot more form-fitting again, we’re going to wonder why we were running around swimming in all of our clothes,” Barclay says.

Last but not least, she calls out the “dad sneakers” trend, which people have been pairing with every outfit under the sun, even dresses. Because, while Barclay admits she loves wearing sneakers, this particular kind of sneaker trend is one she predicts we’ll look back on with “mild to moderate horror.”

In other videos, Barclay has also pointed out things like the bra and blazer look or anything similar is essentially underwear as fashion.

And let’s not overlook the “belt bags” (aka fanny packs) worn as crossbody bags. Barclay thinks we’ll be back to laughing at them in no time.

Her posts have drawn millions of views and thousands of comments from people who couldn’t help but share their own predictions, too.

Some said laminated brows will definitely be something we shake our heads at in a few years. Others argued that the revival of crop tops will go back to being loathed. At least one person also slammed the super long nail trend, which seems impractical and (to some) not even attractive.

At the same time, many people also agreed with Barclay’s picks — starting with the dad sneaker trend.

“Who decided these were cool?” asked one person, while another called them “a crime against humanity.”

Our collective shock over outdated trends is nothing new. And now that many of us have lived long enough to see certain ones come around again. It can sometimes leave us feeling both nostalgic and thoroughly confused.

Just consider the return of chunky statement belts from the early 2000s, which Gen Z is currently loving, but Millennials are appalled by. Or how, like it or not, the revival of low-rise jeans is giving previous generations some serious PTSD.

Heck, even flip phones are coming back!

So while Barclay probably isn’t wrong about some of these trends getting roasted in another 10 years, who’s to say our own kids won’t be bringing them back into the rotation 20 years from now? (Here’s hoping those dad sneakers never make a comeback, though.)

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