Professional cleaner reveals secret opening in oven door, and it’s blowing TikTok’s mind: ‘Omg thank you’

An oven cleaning hack is going viral on TikTok — and parents everywhere are wishing they’d known about it sooner.

TikToker and cleaning maven Vanesa Amaro (@vanesamaro91) gained nearly 600,000 views when she uploaded the cleaning hack, and thousands of parents have expressed their shock in the comments.

In the video, Vanesa explains that you’ll need a long duster — however, she also says that a clothes hanger and a cloth will work in a pinch as well.

First, she removes the drawer beneath her stove, then she reaches up to point out the three skinny openings hidden beneath the oven door.

Vanesa sprays her duster with cleaning solution, then slides it up inside the opening. With a few back-and-forth motions, the glass panel looks brand spanking new!

‘I’ve been wondering this for years…’

TikTokers were quick to thank Vanesa for her mind-blowing hack, flooding her comments with praise for the tip.

“I was today days old when I found out you can clean that,” one user wrote.

“Uuuuuuh. I’m in my 40s and I never knew you could clean in between the glass. I thought it was sealed,” another comment read.

“I had no idea you can even get in there!!! Mind is blown,” wrote another user.

“Wait what!!! The middle can be cleaned too? Is it weird that I’m kinda happy and sad with this new information?” wrote one user.

“Wow I was literally cleaning my oven door last night at 4am and wondered how to clean in between,” another user wrote.

“I’m mind blown. I’ve been wondering this for years,” one user commented.

“THAT’S AMAZING! I have one streak inside the glass from potatoes that boiled over that has been driving me crazy! Thank you!!!” another user lauded.

“Omg thank you, I didn’t know how I could ever clean this,” commented another user.

Thanks to Vanesa and her clever TikTok, ovens everywhere will be a little cleaner today!

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