TikToker explains what he thinks older generations miss when they criticize young people for ‘quiet quitting’: 'Incredibly discouraging'

A TikToker’s take on the generational divide on “quiet quitting” is earning him praise.

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The user Hunter Kaimi believes that older people tend to have a more negative attitude toward “quiet quitting” because previous generations grew up with a different set of economic circumstances than Gen Z and millennials.

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“Most of the videos and most of the takes that I’ve seen are very polarizing,” he explained. “Just the older generation saying that the youth is lazy. And the younger generation saying that you don’t see the hard work that we’re putting in.”

“I am not going to work a 60-hour work week and pull myself up by my bootstraps for a job that does not care about me as a person.”

Kaimi doesn’t think this request is “too sensitive.” He believes that he’s asking for the bare minimum in being allowed to take a sick day if he is sick.

“The idea that you can buy a house in this climate just by putting in some extra hours is outrageous and honestly just so ignorant,” he added.

Kaimi’s claim isn’t wrong. For years, experts have warned about minimum wage stagnation. While activists began the “Fight for $15” movement a decade ago, $15 per hour only covers half of a living wage in the U.S. today, according to CNBC. The federal minimum wage remains $7.25.

To act as though people aren’t working hard enough is also disingenuous. According to the Economic Policy Institute, in the U.S., workers’ productivity increased 3.5 times as much as pay between 1979 and 2020. Why would you work three times harder if you’re not getting three times the salary?

“You had the privilege of growing up in a world where there was hope and opportunity — and we don’t,” Kaimi said.

Most people on TikTok agreed with him.

“$1.1k rent & $1.1k paycheck,” someone commented with a sad emoji.

“My dad put himself through college in the 80’s by working PART TIME at Wendy’s. I make OVER minimum and have to live with 4 others to not be homeless,” a TikToker shared.

“I just want to be able to afford dog food and food for myself whiteout worrying. Is that too much to ask for?” another said.

“It is incredibly discouraging being in the prime of your life and having absolutely no realistic hope for the future,” a person wrote.

“The way setting healthy boundaries with a job to ensure work/life balance is now being marketed in the same realm as quitting” a user added.

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