The TikToker who snuck into Kroger and worked a shift without having a job was invited back for another one

TikToker at Kroger
The TikToker working a shift at Kroger — one she was actually invited to.@ugh_madison/TikTok
  • A TikToker snuck into a Kroger and worked a full shift before anyone noticed.

  • The company's corporate office invited her back to film and work at the store for another day.

  • They also pledged to donate 100 meals per every 100,000 views to a local food bank.

A TikToker who snuck her way into a Kroger grocery store earlier this month and worked a full shift before anyone noticed was invited back for another go.

The creator, who goes by Madison, is growing a following by performing boundary-pushing stunts.

In one video, which amassed 1.4 million views, she said she worked a full day in a Kroger store in Indianapolis in her normal clothes until a manager caught her.

Kroger's corporate office took notice. A spokesperson told Business Insider Madison "blended seamlessly with the staff" until she was recognized.

The spokesperson said Madison was invited back to "a proper job shadow in our stores."

"She spent a day with the company and showcased the life of a Kroger associate on her channel," he said.

"She decorated a cake in the bakery, crafted a sandwich in the deli, bagged groceries, and even created a gourmet cheeseboard at Murray's Cheese. Her interactions with customers were always friendly and caring."

In her TikTok, Madison said she had been invited back, so she "dressed to impress" in a blue Kroger apron and a hair net.

She made a bouquet of flowers which she gifted to a customer, along with the cheeseboard she made. She also gave out several more surprise gifts.

"My guests deserve the best," she said. "I wanted to make sure my customers were satisfied, so I bagged up their groceries and paid."

After working at checkout, she gave a cake to another customer.

"I didn't become CEO, but we're still doing good," she said. "I don't mean to sound cheesy, but this is the best day ever."

As part of the partnership, Kroger also pledged to donate 100 meals for every 100,000 views the video received to a local food bank named Hamilton County Harvest, the spokesperson said. It stands at about 160,000 views.

"Notable, too, that Kroger is the first brand to contact and sponsor an activation with this rising social star," he said.

In Madison's original video, she said she "organized shelves, helped more customers, and bought snacks to put in the break room" until a coworker recognized her from a previous similar stunt she'd pulled at Target.

"The store was about to close, so I had to go home anyway," she said.

"This was my first and last day working at Kroger for free. Best 6 ½ hours of my life."

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