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TikTokers still obsessed with Rihanna’s halftime performance

It’s been two weeks since Super Bowl LVII, and even though the NFL community has moved on to next season, Rihanna fans (known as the Navy) are still obsessed with her halftime performance.

Rihanna already gave the internet a lot to talk about, from her backup dancers showing up on TikTokers’ For You pages to her announcement of being pregnant with her second child.

One of the most popular moments from the performance came during “Work,” in which Rihanna’s backup dancer crawled on the floor, chasing after her as she strutted down the stage.

Posted by @xkervani, the video currently has over 11 million views and nearly 2 million likes, while the sound has over 90,000 videos attached to it.

The memes and attempts to recreate the dance move continue to pile in.

“THIS WHY MY ORDER ALWAYS TAKING FOREVER,” joked @emilytooprettyy.

Duos across TikTok are enjoying that part, while others have latched onto a solo dance move Rihanna did during “Rude Boy.”

Niana Guerrero’s (@nianaguerrero) video has over 18 million views, and the sound has over 29,000 videos under it. Whenever she or other TikTokers walk, they’ve made sure to put this dance move into their stroll.

“This performance is living rent free [inside] my head,” replied @chanty579.

Rihanna’s performance dominating the trends weeks later is a change from what happened in the immediate aftermath of the show. Initially, people were talking about how a TikTok trend made its way into the performance, as a background dancer was seen doing the #nolovechallenge dance.

Now, the Navy is back to following what Rihanna does, and the rest of TikTok has complied.

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