Tim Burton makes a baby elephant fly in 1st teaser trailer for Disney's live-action 'Dumbo'

Disney has had such success with live-action adaptations of its animated classics — be it Cinderella, The Jungle Book, or Beauty and the Beast — that it’s no surprise the film studio is intent on continuing to mine its archives for future big-screen do-overs. Many of those are slated to arrive soon, including updated versions of The Lion King, Mulan, and Aladdin, but perhaps none of those forthcoming projects has the star power of Dumbo, whose first trailer indicates that it’ll be right in line with its director’s idiosyncratic body of work.

Helmed by Tim Burton, who kicked off Disney’s live-action reboot craze with Alice in Wonderland and is here working with numerous former collaborators, Dumbo will recount the saga of Disney’s famous elephant, who is shunned for his big ears but triumphs because of them, since they allow him to fly. While there’s no sign of Dumbo’s mouse best friend, Timothy, in the above clip, there’s plenty of fanciful Burtonesque imagery to be found, much of which centers on the circus at which Dumbo eventually performs. There are quick glimpses of Colin Farrell as the former star who cares for the animals alongside his two kids, Danny DeVito as Farrell’s circus boss (a role eerily similar to the one he played in Burton’s Big Fish), Eva Green as a radiant aerial artist, and Michael Keaton as the entrepreneur who eventually persuades Dumbo to join his new venture, Dreamland — which, for all its outward glitz and glamour, holds dark secrets. And to top it off, the film has also debuted its first teaser poster.

Dumbo (Courtesy of Disney)
Dumbo (Courtesy of Disney)

Unsurprisingly, many Disney fans are already falling for (and getting misty-eyed over) the charming pachyderm:

Set to an original recording of “Baby Mine” by Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora, this first Dumbo trailer suggests that it’ll be aiming to pull the heartstrings with its alternately sad and uplifting fairy tale. The film soars into theaters on March 29, 2019.

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