Tina Fey Reunites With ’30 Rock’ Co-Stars in Super Bowl Ad

Tina Fey realizes she can be whoever she wants to be in a new Super Bowl commercial.

“With so many choices on, there are so many Tina Feys I could be,” the actress/producer/comedian said in the footage. “So I hired body doubles to help me out.”

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It turns out that some of the people Fey hired in the ad spot are actually her former co-stars from the hit TV show 30 Rock, including Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer.

In the video, Krakowski takes on “Splurgy Tina [who] loves a hotel near Rodeo Drive.” And Sasquatch Tina says, “Rustic Tina loves this Wyoming cabin,” while getting a haircut from McBrayer.

Actress-singer Glenn Close then makes a cameo, riding on a horse. She says, “Wild Tina booked a farm stay to ride this horse.”

The online travel agency says the new campaign “focuses on the evolving desires of travelers to explore the diverse personas within themselves and choose who they want to be every time they travel.”

The ad spot concludes with Close adding, “With millions of possibilities, you can book whoever you want to be,” before Fey says, “That’s my line!”

On 30 Rock, which was created by Fey, Krakowski played Jenna Maroney, McBrayer took on the role of Kenneth Parcell and Fey played Liz Lemon. The show ran from 2006 to 2013.

The newest commercial is set to air during Super Bowl LVIII on Feb 11, with the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers facing off in Las Vegas.

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