Should You Tip Your Salesperson After Buying a Wedding Dress? Brides Weigh in on TikTok

A bride was surprised when she recently paid for her wedding dress and was asked to a select a tip amount during checkout

<p>Getty</p> Bouquet of the bride in a magnificent white dress


Bouquet of the bride in a magnificent white dress

A bride-to-be is asking people to weigh in on adding gratuity to a wedding dress bill.

On TikTok, Ina Josipovic explained that she recently went wedding dress shopping with her best friend and fell in love with a gown at the first store she went to. When she went to checkout, her salesperson flipped the iPad around so she could select a tip amount.

"When I tell you like I full-on froze, I stood there and I think they saw the blood leave my body," she said in the video. "I did not expect to have to tip buying a wedding dress."

Josipovic went to to explain that the store was practically empty when she was there. "It was just [the owner and two stylists] at the front and then me just paying," she adds. "I think my best friend was to the side looking at more dresses."

<p>Getty</p> Attractive young blond woman is smiling and enjoying while choosing wedding dress in modern wedding salon


Attractive young blond woman is smiling and enjoying while choosing wedding dress in modern wedding salon

Josipovic said that when the tip option popped up, she turned to her friend and asked if she tipped when she bought her own dress at a different store.

Josipovic's friend said no and added that she hadn't even been given the option when she went purchased her dress.

"I'm just standing there trying to do math in my head because the dress is already expensive," Josipovic added. "Ten percent on a $1,500 or $2,000 dress is like another $200. If the dress is even more you're paying a couple hundred dollars which I guess if you can afford a $10,000 dress a tip isn't that big of a problem. But most people really can't."

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While the bride-to-be explained that her mother was paying for the dress, she didn't want to spend any more money than she needed to. At one point she said she contemplated tipping $50. But when she realized that was 1.5% she realized that was even more embarrassing.

She added: "If you think you're stylist deserves a tip why don't you just give her commission instead of asking me to tip. Or, maybe I'm wrong. Like, have any other brides tipped when they bought their wedding dress?"

<p>Getty</p> A bride walking down the aisle


A bride walking down the aisle

In the comments of the video, over 5,700 people share their thoughts on the tipping debate and what they would do if they were in the same situation.

"I literally have no shame just pressing no tip," one TikTok user commented. Another user wrote: "In my opinion concierge/ valet workers, servers and baristas are pretty much the only people that should be tipped."

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One person shared their own experience of being asked to tip while wedding dress shopping. "I tipped the woman who helped me pick my dress! We spent over an hour trying on a variety of dresses, she helped me in & out of all of them. She deserved it."

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A bridal stylist also chimed in and shared her thoughts. "I'm a bridal stylist and I agree 10% is crazy for a tip. I will say though our appts are 2 hours long and we have to maintain energy and provide," she said.

"I was a bridal consultant for 5 years and we didn't ask for tips but I got a lot of cash tips slid to me," another person wrote. "It was honestly usually when they didn't buy, like thanks for your time thing."

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