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‘Alias Grace’

Margaret Atwood has had quite the year on television. Hulu’s adaptation of her novel The Handmaid’s Tale was a cultural sensation and won the Emmy for Best Drama. Over on Netflix came the quieter but equally gripping Alias Grace. Based on true events, the six-episode series follows the titular young maid (Sarah Gadon) who is convicted of murdering her employers. Years later, a psychiatrist (Edward Holcroft) seeks to discover the truth of what really happened, and the present day mingles with past flashbacks for a nuanced exploration of a woman finding a way to tell her story in her own way. — Kelly Woo

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'Tis the season for binge-watching: The TV series and movies worth gorging on

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — binge-watching season! Whether you have a few hours after the big holiday meal, or have a blissful day off from work, or just need a break from the end-of-year madness, catching up on movies and television shows is a gift you can bestow upon yourself.

This year provided an embarrassment of riches in acclaimed screen projects, especially with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in the mix. Really, nobody has time to see everything; maybe you didn’t make it to the theatre for that blockbuster all your friends raved about, or perhaps you were just waiting for a free weekend to check out that TV drama that won all those awards.

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One of the biggest debates going on in fandom right now involves which Star Trek is true Trek; the official prequel series, Discovery, or Seth MacFarlane’s Next Generation homage, The Orville. Set roughly a decade before Kirk and Spock boldly explored the final frontier, Discovery has taken the franchise in compelling, if controversial new directions in the first half of its freshman season, with darker storylines and its most morally complex captain (played by Jason Isaacs). The Orville, on the other hand, keeps things in a lighter vein while also developing its own distinct mythology over the course of its maiden voyage. Remember: It’s always best to sample both flavors before deciding which you prefer. — E.A.

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