Toast Sweet Potato Slices Like Bread And See What Happens

Loaded toasted sweet potaotes
Loaded toasted sweet potaotes - Jenifoto/Getty Images

Mashed, smashed, or melded into a SPAM breakfast hash, there are limitless ways to prepare a potato. Whether you prefer red, purple, or gold, every type of potato is one worth celebrating. Among the 200-plus different potato cultivars that grow on planet Earth, one of the most delicious and unique is the sweet potato. At once savory and sweet, this bright orange tuber is nutritious, satiating, and easy on the eyes. But sometimes, our potato routine can become monotonous. If you're bored of baked, boiled, or sautéed sweet potatoes, pop them in the toaster like a slice of bread and discover a whole new way to enjoy them.

Toasting sweet potatoes like a slice of sourdough or whole wheat will give the spuds a golden char on the exterior without compromising their soft and tender interior -- the perfect textural contrast and a crave-worthy mouthfeel. Toasters heat to high, concentrated temperatures, which facilitates the caramelization of sweet potatoes and leads to a deeper sweetness and a richer flavor profile. Plus, sweet potatoes complement a wide range of ingredients, so whether you enjoy toast for breakfast, as a mid-day snack, or as a side pairing with dinner, you'll never have to omit your favorite fixings when you swap bread for sweet potatoes.

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Tips For Toasting Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and fresh herbs
Sweet potatoes and fresh herbs - KarepaStock/Shutterstock

Not a pro in the kitchen? Don't sweat it: All you need is a few tips to make toasted sweet potatoes that you'll never forget. One of the most common mistakes people make with sweet potatoes is not cleaning them first. All types of potatoes grow from the ground, which means soil, dirt, and other bits of mud can cling to the skin of sweet potatoes. So unless you enjoy farmland as a seasoning, give them a good wash before using them.

When you're ready to toast the sweet potatoes, cut them down their length into thin, quarter-inch slices that resemble a piece of bread. There's no need to peel the skin -- once you slice them into a bread-like thickness, the potato will develop an irresistible char that acts like a bread crust. For a little extra browning, a drizzle of cooking oil or a thin layer of butter can help develop more crunch. Bear in mind that, even on your toaster's highest setting, this process can take a little longer than toasting a slice of bread. You may need to rev up your toaster a few times before you achieve the perfect texture, but be patient -- the results are worth it.

Zhuzhing Up Toasted Sweet Potatoes

Person holding loaded sweet potato
Person holding loaded sweet potato - DronG/Shutterstock

Toasted sweet potatoes are bright with earthy, dulcet flavors all of their own. However, jazzing them up with your favorite fixings will culminate in new dimensions of flavor and texture for a more well-rounded toast alternative. Feeling sweet? Mix cinnamon and brown sugar with butter before brushing it onto the sweet potato slices and toasting. The result? Warm, fall-inspired sweet potatoes that taste great from autumn to summer and every season in between.

Breakfast -- it's the most important meal of the day! If you're craving a bagel but only have sweet potatoes on hand, pop them in the toaster and smother them with cream cheese dusted with everything seasoning and a drizzle of hot honey for a filling morning meal that combines the richness of dairy with an allium flair and a touch of fire for added depth. For a lunch or dinner-inspired take on toasted sweet potatoes, slather a layer of pesto on either side of the charred spuds and pile on a stack of roasted veggies for a folksy and nutritious meal that's beaming with herbaceous, earthy flavors. Pro tip: You'll need a fork for this one.

You can always keep things simple: In the kitchen, ease is of the essence. A layer of butter, peanut butter, or jam is just as satisfying as the more robust recipes. Whichever way you choose to button up this toast alternative, you don't need any over-the-top sweet potato hacks to make it happen.

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