Todd Howard has high praise for the Fallout TV show's obsessive level of detail: "It's a real blessing to see what they've done"


Bethesda head and executive producer of the new Fallout TV show Todd Howard has some glowing praise for the adaptation. Speaking at the launch of the new Fallout trailer, attended by GamesRadar+ and other press, he said it’s been a "blessing to see" how the series has come together.

Asked why he said yes to this version of the show, Howard explained that it was executive producer Jonathan Nolan’s approach that really sold him. "This is a creative endeavor, and [you need to have] partners that you trust can really bring something new to it, something authentic to the world of Fallout and present that to the screen in a new way, but in an authentic way," he said.

"You know it when you see it. It’s been a great collaboration [with] everybody on this stage and what they've done. For someone like me and the team here at Bethesda, it’s just a real blessing to see what they’ve done with it."

That’s not all either, as later on in the conference, Howard added that he felt both Nolan and fellow executive producer Lisa Joy brought the same approach to the show as they did the games. "I mean, the authenticity they brought to it, the obsessive [nature]," he explained when asked what stands out from the show’s first proper trailer. "We like to say when we make the games that we obsess over every pixel. And Jonah and crew, they obsessed over every pixel of every frame, just to make it authentic."

Fallout takes place after the events of the games, expanding the timeline in a move that makes it almost like "Fallout 5," at least according to Nolan. It follows a young woman (played by Ella Purnell) who leaves her life as a Vault Dweller behind to head out into the savage Wasteland of Los Angeles.

Alongside Purnell, the series also stars Aaron Moten as Maximus, Walton Goggins as The Ghoul, and Kyle MacLachlan as Hank, Lucy’s dad. Fallout releases on Prime Video on April 11, one day earlier than previously announced.

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