Toddler Leads Pony Around Farmyard in Toy Land Rover

A toddler from Shropshire has proved you’re never too young to help in a stable yard, leading a pony out to pasture in her miniature off-road vehicle.

Footage of 11-month-old Daisy and her pony, Minnie, was captured by mum Nicky Golsteyn, who shared the footage on the Rowton Stables Facebook page on November 17.

Speaking to Storyful, Golsteyn was keen to point out that the young equine enthusiast wasn’t in danger at any point.

“A few people have asked if it was dangerous as it looks like the pony is tied to the Land Rover. But her lead rope was actually only looped through the little step of the Land Rover, so if she did decide to wander off she wouldn’t have taken Daisy and the Land Rover with her,” Golsteyn said.

She added, “Minnie just loves following Daisy anywhere.” Credit: Nicky Golsteyn via Storyful