Tom Cruise describes the "disguise" he uses to watch his own new releases in cinemas

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Tom Cruise on "disguise" he wears to attend cinemaJC Olivera - Getty Images

Tom Cruise has revealed that he wears a disguise to watch his movies, including Oscar best picture nominee Top Gun: Maverick, in theatres with other paying audiences.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Cruise said that when he's in cinemas or out and about on public transport, he does wear a baseball cap in order to avoid being recognised. That doesn't always work, however.

"Sometimes they spot me. When I'm sitting next to them, they'll kind of look over. I'll do some photos and sign some autographs," Cruise said.

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Cruise recalled one story of a girl on the London underground who recognised Cruise when no one else did. The girl took a sly photo of Cruise and he playfully put his finger to his mouth to keep the secret between them so as to avoid being recognised by everyone else on the Tube.

Cruise said that he always makes movies for theatres and loves watching movies in cinemas with audiences — none more so than Top Gun: Maverick.

"The film is made for the screen. We made it for theatrical, me, my friends, the whole crew," Cruise said.

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"I grew up I always wanted to travel the world so when I started making movies, I was able to go watch movies in other countries so I always go watch films with other audiences and watch their movies with them."

"So, I do. When I make a film I wanna go see it with an audience. I just try to do everything I can, use every tool that I have, to entertain the audience."

However, while Top Gun: Maverick went down a treat for fans, they may have to wait a while for the third outing according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

"We’re just enjoying this one. I have no idea. It took 35 years to make Top Gun: Maverick so... I’m not going to be around another 35 years."

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