Tom Cruise to keep low profile to avoid Scientology backlash

Actor set to skip publicity events for his new movie 'Jack Reacher' in a bid to save his career

Tom Cruise is reportedly planning to keep a low profile in order to calm negative stories about him and the controversial Church of Scientology.

Laying low... Tom Cruise set to skip media events (Copyright: WENN)The actor was recently at the centre of an exposé by Vanity Fair magazine, which alleged that women were auditioned by the church to be his girlfriend following his split with Nicole Kidman.

But the timing of the move is potentially awkward, as Cruise is set to embark on a publicity tour for his forthcoming film 'Jack Reacher'.

A source speaking to the Hollywood Reporter said that in order to avoid journalists asking unwelcome questions about Cruise's beliefs and private life, 'you're not going to see him everywhere', suggesting that Paramount Pictures, which is releasing the film, will not be shopping appearances readily to the media.

Another source speaking to the magazine suggested that Cruise may have to choose between his religion and his career.

“I have never known anybody who loved being a movie star more,” said the source. “I would tell him to choose: You either have to be at the top of Scientology because that's where your passion lies, or you have to be a movie star. The two are not compatible. You can't manage a movie career and a freak show.”

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Cruise's publicist Amanda Lundberg condemned the remark, calling the anonymous source 'a bigot'.

In the Vanity Fair piece, the allegations of the church holding 'wife auditions' for Cruise were bolstered by testimony from actress Nazanin Boniadi, who claims that she was among the women who took part.

It's said that the scheme was organised by Shelly Miscavige, wife of the church's leader David Miscavige.

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