Tom Cruise turns moody rock star in new pics

Here’s Tom Cruise like you’ve never seen him before.

The Hollywood legend lost his shirt but gained some tattoos for a new photo shoot to promote upcoming movie ‘Rock of Ages’.

He’s showing off his torso in the in the June issue of trendy mag ‘W’ - and for a man pushing 50, he still looks in decent shape.

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Cruise’s new ‘tattoos’ include a dragon eating a heart on his chest, a dagger on his forearm and pair of pistols on his waist.

‘Rock of Ages’ is based on the mega-hit rock musical of the same name and Cruise stars as Stacee Jaxx, the lead singer of successful rock band Arsenal.

This isn’t Cruise’s first unexpected role in recent years. He turned up at the very end of Ben Stiller’s action comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’ as a foul-mouthed overweight movie studio exec with some killer dance moves.

‘Rock of Ages’, which also stars Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti, Russell Brand, Julianne Hough, and Bryan Cranston, is due out in the UK on 15 June.

Do you think Tom Cruise makes a convincing rock star? Let us know below...

Watch the trailer for 'Rock of Ages' starring Tom Cruise.

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